AptiFlow Industrial Flow Meter

For Liquids, Gas and Steam

AptiFlow is a universal flow meter designed to measure liquids, gases, and vapours in a wide range of applications

Wide Ranging

AptiFlow can be used in a wide range of processes and conditions. From high vacuum to high pressure, and sub-zero to over 500 Deg C with selected materials.

Flexible Design

AptiFlow can be engineered to produce solutions for difficult applications.

Elements may be machined from soild for high mechanical integrity, made as two piece sections for very large duct diameters (over 6m), headless for fully enclosed installations and dual manifolds for stacked transmitters.


AptiFlow provides a low cost solution for measurement in large diameter  pipes or ducts:

Low permanent pressure loss - energy lost with use is minimal.

Robust construction - long service life and virtually impossible wear out.

Negligible wear - long term stability with zero drift or degradation